Making Healing Social


  • Eight week psychotherapeutic programs for anxietydepression, and PTSD
  • Peer groups of twelve
  • Daily touchpoints
  • Positive social environment
  • Easy-to-digest insights
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy   
  • Mindfulness Meditation




  • Get help with anxiety and depression
  • Learn and grow in a secure, supportive,  nurturing social environment 
  • Access inexpensive, proven therapies
  • Participate when and where it's convenient


  • Offer an available, proven treatment option during new patient intake
  • Provide immediate assistance to waitlisted patients  
  • Supplement ongoing in person and drug therapies  
  • Apply an evidence-based therapy before prescribing medications 


Family Members

  • Help family members in need
  • Enjoy controlled access to provide ongoing support and encouragement


Medical Specialists

  • Help patients manage anxiety and depression
  • Improve chronic disease outcomes
  • Enjoy controlled access to provide ongoing support

Philanthropic Organizations

  • Help people in need
  • Augment existing services and programs
  • Customize programs for specific populations

Health Plans

  • Help members with anxiety and depression
  • Augment existing services and programs
  • Improve chronic disease outcomes and costs
  • Provide immediate access to proven, evidence-based therapies