Cognitive Skills Training + Mindfulness Meditation  

Proven, evidence-based protocols

Participants develop, practice and share constructive ways of thinking that produce healthier behaviors and beliefs

Participants benefit from a secure, self-affirming environment that makes them feel cared for, listened to, and valued


  • Compassionate environments where individuals who share experiences and goals come together to learn, grow and support one another


  • Outcomes better than 1:1 in person psychotherapies conducted by experienced, certified psychiatrists psychologists
  • 73% completion rates


  • Moderated by health assistantssupervised by psychiatrists
  • Monitored and analyzed by the Cognitive Computer power of IBM Watson


  • Participate when and where it's convenient
  • Participate from home using actual or assumed identities 


  • Conducted within stigma-free, HIPAA-compliant private social networks  
  • All communications are contained, monitored and analyzed


  • Accessible with any Internet-enabled device 
  • iOS and Android apps available 


Making Healing Social (TM)