70-80% of veterans with PTSD recover when they complete psychotherapy

less than 10% have

Original program developed in collaboration with UCSF's Young Adult and Family Center

The safe, supportive social environment made patients feel cared for, listened to, and valued

Clinical outcomes slightly better than 1:1 in person psychotherapies

70+% completion rate

“…when the course began, I was even less sure of how to open up and was somewhat fearful of expressing myself, without fear of being judged adversely…

...as the course progressed, I felt more connected and involved as the material had a close connection with certain past experiences and events that occurred in my life.

I’m grateful for having signed up for this course.

This course has given me insight into not only some personal experiences, but also as to how I can improve my relationships with some of the most important people in my life.”
— U.S. Army Veteran
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